Do You Have Your Pilot's License? We do!

Land on your launchpad

Media PRO & More is your one stop for video, graphic, and web design services. Our team will help you produce quality media to reach your ideal audience. We generate results beginning with a creative session leading to editing video and media scripts to launch marketing, advertising and website initiatives as well as custom editing videos to deliver meaningful messages, generate views, and create engagement. We offer lifestyle photography, brand headshots, premiere storytelling graphics and design services to make you and your message shine brighter than the stars. We can also assist with every step of creating your unique and powerful website. Whether you need a touch up or a full revamp digital presence.

When you need an air traffic controller to guide you down the runway or a stellar co-pilot to help you on your journey, we are the premiere choice to ensure you get to your ideal destination smoothly.

Are You Spending a LOT of money and time on Your Videos? But don’t know what to do with hours of footage?

Grab Our "50 Amazing Hacks to Repurpose your Video" to find out!

We HELP fill in the gaps leading to a successful business.

How do We Do this?



We help you declutter the noise to choose the best tools to share your message worldwide and land on your launchpad.



We work with you to design the most effective ads from print to choosing the social media outlets to maximize budgets for the best ROI.


Video Production

Video producing can be daunting — if you tackle all the moving parts in-house without a professional creative director at the helm. We have been the go to agency for over 25 years. Until you are ready to scale your business to include a video production team we will assist you in creating the best possible script for your videos, hire crews, and project manage. We also offer post-production services. All Things Video.


Web Design

We offer services to assist you in all aspects of building your launchpad website. From finding a hosting server to the actual building of the site.


What is your story?

If someone asked you, “What do you do?,” would you have to think about it, carefully choosing your wording?  Or are you prepared and have materials that can describe it clearly and concisely for you? If you are in the first camp, then we are here for you! And even if you do feel ready, we can still lend a helping hand.

Media PRO & More assists you in building a strong, sturdy lauchpad that will help your brand soar to new heights!

Our team is here to assist you in finding the best ways to share your message with the world, regardless of if we are given existing elements or if we need to start from the ground up. Our purpose is to ensure that you have the all of the collateral and guidance that you need to get your brand airborne.

Whether you need a rockstar website, marketing assistance, amazing videos, stand-out print collateral, or stellar graphics, we are the team that you need. We offer services in all of those areas and more to guide you from the airstrip to the skies.

What sets our team apart is that we work directly with you to position your brand and your mission—telling your unique story clearly and concisely in every format. With us, everyone is a star pilot who receives the best flight plan to the ideal destinations.

Imagine what it will be like when you see your business soaring!

“To get your brand soaring to the highest heights, you need a clear runway, helpful air traffic controllers, and an outstanding co-pilot.”

And you will have access to all three by working with Media PRO & More. The collateral we produce for you, from video to print to web, will build a smooth and clear runway to launch from. We work with you to build the perfect team to guide you from the control tower, and the team lead will the the best darn co-pilot you could ever ask for

“Ready the runway, because your all-star flight is ready for takeoff!”


REady to Land on your launchpad?

We Offer A Full Suite Of Services

Preparing for the Camera



We help you discover the type of video(s) you will need to present your brand, teach you how to best compose yourself on camera (through Red Carpet Institute), assist you in writing a magnificent script, and more.

Discover the Fun of being on Camera



We will assist you in finding the best people to film your video, from camera to audio to even actors. And because location matters, we will also assist you in finding the best location to film.

See Your Business in Motion



We will take the video and audio from your shoot and edit it into a superstar video for you to use as a launchpad. From the standard editing to simple effects to stock footage, we will make sure that your videos catch everyone's eyes.

Making Sure Your Launchpad is Ready

Website Services


We are also experts at creating amazing websites to draw in new clients. Whether you need a simple landing page or a multi-page marvel, we have the skills you are searching for.

Creating Standout Ads



We offer graphic design services to build standout ads for a variety of platforms. From simple single posts on Instagram to a full campaign, you can turn to us for your graphic needs.





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